All talks will be given in 120 Snow Hall.  The poster session will be at the Kansas Room at the KU Memorial Union.  All times are CST.

The conference will furnish a dinner on Friday and a continental breakfast and lunch on Saturday.

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Friday, October 28

Friday Schedule
Start TimeEnd TimeEvent
1:00 pm2:20 pmRegistration (406 Snow)
2:20 pm2:30 pmWelcome (120 Snow)
2:30 pm3:30 pmPrincipal Lecture I
Monica Visan
Methods for Sharp Well-posedness of Completely Integrable Systems
3:30 pm3:50 pmBreak
3:50 pm4:50 pmInvited Lecture
Benjamin Harrop-Griffiths
The Derivative NLS on the Line
4:50 pm5:00 pmBreak
5:00 pm5:30 pmBryanna Petentler
Compactness Method for Boundary Regularity of the Navier-Stokes Equation
5:30 pm6:00 pmTrung Truong
A Sampling-type Method Combined with Deep Learning for Inverse Scattering with One Incident Wave
6:00 pm6:30 pmRyan Frier
Extremizers for the Strichartz Inequality for a Fourth-order Schrödinger Equation
7:00 pm7:30 pmPoster Session (Kansas Room, KU Memorial Union)
7:30 pm Dinner (Kansas Room)

Saturday, October 29

Saturday Schedule
Start timeEnd timeEvent
8:45 am9:20 amContinental Breakfast (406 Snow)
9:30 am10:00 amJianhui Li
Decoupling for Smooth Surfaces in R3
10:00 am10:30 amElizabeth Hale
Fractional Leibniz Rules in the Setting of Quasi-Banach Function Spaces
10:30 am11:00 amWalton Green
Smooth Singular Operators Restricted to Domains
11:00 am11:20 amBreak
11:20 am12:10 pmPrincipal Lecture II
Monica Visan
Methods for Sharp Well-posedness of Completely Integrable Systems
12:20 pm1:20 pmLunch provided by conference (406 Snow)
1:20 pm1:50 pmAnimesh Biswas
Extension Problem for Fractional Power Operators
1:50 pm2:20 pmMajed Sofiani
Existence and Regularity of Solution to Parabolic PDE with Non-constant Hölder Diffusion Coefficient
2:20 pm2:50 pmJeffrey Oregero
Spectral Theory of a Non-self-Adjoint Dirac Operator with a Jacobi Elliptic Potential
2:50 pm3:20 pmZongyuan Li
Unique Continuation for Schrödinger Equations with Variable Coefficients
3:20 pm3:50 pmLiding Yao
Sharp Hölder Regularity for Nirenberg's Complex Frobenius Theorem
3:50 pm4:00 pmBreak
4:00 pm5:00 pmInvited Lecture
Jason Murphy
Invariance of White Noise for KdV on the Line